Is is just me or I'm not being wrecked as much in pvp

I run a 5gold mauler a 6gold mandrake a 5gold gammond 6gold razor and a 6*star gold moss

How are others doing in PvP right now?

I’ve been running all sorts of random garbage and been having loads of fun making it work.

Oracle and Chesterfield have been loads of fun for me lately.

I was running an Ifrit + Mauler team and it was wrecking all the dogface/panzer teams around 40k

I can’t say I feel the same as the players who claim that PVP is unplayable due to the current meta. I feel it’s about the same as before. It’s also strange that these people who say that PVP has become unplayable are often ranked pretty high - looks to me that the most certainly can play - and win, in PVP.

I am somewhere in between, not the top top but usually somewhere in top 200.

It’s definitely become less enjoyable.

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Given the total number of players, top 200 should be considered top-top. :slight_smile:

Could not have put it any better.

The ifrit nerf certainly helped, him able to resurrect non stop was absurd, I still hate playing against the healing wall, but it’s getting better

You’re definitely right. “Unplayable” is just hyperbole. It’s not unplayable, it just ranges from boring to frustrating; everything but fun. It’s better since the last adjustment, but still terrible. I stand by what I’ve said before, pvp was more visceral when you either got annihilated in 30 seconds or did the annihilating. It even made it cool when a fight went past 1-2 minutes because that never happens. Now ties and fights going to decision are commonplace. I about fell over when i scored a 24 second victory the other day. Before the changes, I always shot for top 100 in tournaments. Now I shoot for top 500. I burn through my top 5-10 heroes and shut it down. Top 100 is still achievable but I’m not burning gold or running through my whole hero list to pvp when I don’t enjoy it.


This is the real issue. The meta is very playable right now (albeit extremely stale when nearly every team runs 2-3 heroes guaranteed). I have lost almost all of my desire to actually put effort into PvP, because it just simply isn’t fun. So now I just auto away all my non-golds and let the pvp gems trickle in while I sit at my work desk.


@Exarch, couldn’t have said it better

I disagree. I win in pvp and im not vip

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