Is Surge worth developing?

As he’s a hero from daily rewards, he’s in 8 * rn, so, other than AW, is he any good?? Is here worth investing on??

Yes and no. His abilities do good amount of damage and it has its benefits, but the healing is weak. Have him at 10* plat +2 and healing is close to 4k.

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He is always one of my go to Rooting heroes, he was especially helpful this past UAF bounty where Surge could root the bounty and purifier could stack fire on them, I would say 100% you should upgrade him for bounty and for the heronium free daily


Yess now I am uploading him too

Level him to platinum, his support heal may not keep him alive but it’s invaluable for levels with large amounts of damage dealer enemies.

Excellent at bounty, rooting allows MUCH more damage to be dealt with especially with heroes with dodgable skills
PvP he’s OK, heal is eh but his skills got a damage buff in an update so he’s kinda like shivs with damage over time. He’s also a good source of heronium cause he’s in daily rewards

Yes, he is. He’s a daily quest hero, so u can make 150 daily heronium off of him. He’s also going to be bonus next month in bounty/war/pvp

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Yes, ofcourse.
Like @Dagamepro said. His rootin & lifting can make Bounties stay still. Pair him with other silencer type, Bounties cant do their skill entire times.
When he’s on platinum, bring him into pvp also good. Esp to boost movements & reload speed for all allies.

Not to mention, he’s one of the heronium source too… Lol…

But, try to pair him with Oracle for bounty… He’s helping her to get massive damage…