Surge for PVP?

With Surge’s helping hand rework, it feels like he has some usefulness for PVP, but not really sure who to put around him. Seems like he’d pair well with Gale, since his plat boosts her reload by 15%, which functionally boosts her atk speed by 15%, and I think his passive heal together with Gale’s passive heal should essentially function as stabilize x 1.5. Throw in Drake and damaged heroes will be really hard to kill off.

Not really sure where to take it from there. Add in Castellan and make it a full support team that relies on avoiding early death + getting a lift and sentry turret to get kills? Add in Panzer to try for some early kills and try to benefit a little from the increased reload speed?


Surge is a good hero, but his skills take very long to use. I recommend pairing him with halo, every gravity well he uses causes halos plat to go nuts. It does double lightning damage if they are also lifted.

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I tried him in the tourney at plat level just to see how he’d work and…he sucks. Helping hand is alright, but not a big enough boost to build a team around, and gravity well takes way too long to charge up and go off. Using him and Halo together pretty much required building the whole team around supporting them, since they’re both kinda squishy. Maybe I just don’t know how to use him right, but I just don’t see how he can be used in his current state.

I guess maybe I could use him with Dogface? If I perma-root someone, there’s no way they’re frantically running away from the bronze/silver combo. The reduction in his reload time would be nice, too.

I use my Surge with Matador, Cinder, Baron and Bucket. I player control Cinder mostly but with Surge’s And Bucket’s lift its I’m able to utilize Cinder skills effectively. Matador and Bucket are healers Cinder is PRIMARY DPS

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Take it from a beta player, surge is a damage dealer, pair him with halo, nightningale heimlock butter kobold, as long as you have some good protection and halo

We get it you have been playing since beta… things change since beta…

Not sure how effective surge is as primary dps since he still doesn’t do enough damage compared to primary dps heroes AND requires a full set up to do his damage (as you stated). I have been trapped when playing single dps teams and forgetting about surges disables but when the lift ends I just kill him out of spite since he won’t do enough damage especially to mech dps. I like him in bounty, the reload helps some primary dps and lockdown setups combos.

Speaking of the root, it is clutch in pvp but still requires another dps


And his only plat 5 is a pris maybe briar now. Not much variety there

Surge is not a pvp forerunner, but he does speed up reload and movement pretty good, plus his healing can take the edge off of some damage. That alone can give a team an advantage. He’s pretty good.