Thoughts on Surge: Is he worth it?

Is surge worth getting promoted to platinum? I’ve had a few thoughts on promoting him after watching endgame. Any constructive tips are appreciated

his plat is helpful, but sadly it is weak. you’d have to combine it with like Matador or someone else to get a nicer heal.

He’s good teamed with halo But gotta have good heals

thanks for the tip. I thought he’s only good for assisting Kuno

He is OK at plat. His plat skill doesn’t apply to himself tho, and the heal doesn’t do much. I got him to plat just to buff his damage tbh

I have always liked Surge but he has also always been one of my highest upgraded heroes (just happened to be that way, he popped up in crates daily some months ago!). His platinum is not the best but it’s not either worthless as it was a few months ago.

Surge is decent tbh. Only benefit from him is his plat skill but its to low. I would love to see a rework on him tho. Increase reload speed to 20% & increase his healing ability more & then he can be a great support…


His plat is good for bounties and hes good for early game campaign cuz the silver is just a better stun.

Hes not terrible, but hes not a great pvp because skills take too long to charge and the cast time is waaay too long.

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Ya, Surge is pretty bad tbh. His heal is only around 3k at 10* plat. Nightingale’s passive heal is 3x that much. The speed increase is pretty useless in everything but PVP, and the reload isn’t a huge increase. There are much better heroes to get to plat. For energy heroes I would go for Halo, Siren, Ronin, or even Hecklar or Hivemind before Surge.

i already have those heroes at plat except Hivemind

Surge is my anti-Fisher in bounty.

Thanks for the tip Norman

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Surge was upgraded to platinum on my lineup as a debilitation strategy against other annoyances like siren. But he is not all that good. I don’t plan on using him but he’s awesome when the patriots get a boosted faction

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I run him in bounty first to root the bounty. Then switch to my dps.