June Update Bug List

Felt the need to make a post where people can post bugs they find in the new update, in order to help the devs fix them faster. In order for an entry to be helpful, however, be descriptive as possible and include screenshots if you have any as well. As for bugs I’ve noticed so far, here they are:

(Running Android)

-Keel’s gold ability, “Scavenge”, does not proc upon destroying enemy cover. Tested in pvp duel with alliance member, destroyed cover unoccupied by enemy hero, skill did not proc. Destroyed cover occupied by enemy hero, skill did not proc either. Have not personally tested, but I have heard reports of skill not working in PvE activities as well.

-Bug with Flatline’s Bronze ability, “Clear!”. Played a pvp duel with an alliance member, enemy team had both Mandrake and Flatline. I initially killed Mandrake, who was revived by Flatline. Now, with both Flatline and Mandrake alive, I killed Flatline. Shortly afterwards, I killed Mandrake for the second time, but the character model was still alive and shooting at me. Mandrake’s portrait on my enemies team was crossed out, signifying his death, and there was no health bar above Mandrake’s character, but the character continued to shoot at my team. Mandrake’ Mandrake did not use any of his skills, and once the remaining enemy team members were killed, the match ended. Will provide screenshots as soon as possible. UPDATE: try to recreate bug, was unsuccessful. Potentially unknown way to trigger bug, or one time thing

-Error with new weapon type on heroes’ descriptions. Dogface, Keel, Gammond, Caine, and Hardscope received a new weapon type with the latest update, however, there is no name for this new weapon type, only the text “Missing Entry!” in place of the usual weapon type. Will post screenshots as soon as possible.

-Error with Flatline’s silver ability, “Taser”. Playing a PvP duel against alliance member, when my Halloway was tasered by Flatline. When this happened, the debuff icon came up on my screen, but did not start to countdown. Additionally, when Flatline finished Taser my Halloway, he continued to have the Taser animation on his character, meaning the electric sparks, but he was not negatively effected by it at all. This animation continued even after Halloway died.

-Error with Kunoichi’s gold ability, “Honorless”. Tested the ability on both rooted enemies and stunned enemies. I tried to test lifted enemies, but I was unsuccessful in creating the circumstances for that. When attacking rooted or stunned enemies, Kunoichi experienced no damage increase or decrease to those enemies. This has been a bug as long as Kunoichi has been around to my knowledge, and is in no way caused by the June update.

These are the only bugs I have encountered so far, but I will update this post as I find more. Additionally, I encourage other members of the community to add to this post with any significant bugs they find.


If you look at the criteria for increasing the patrol limit it says you gain +1 at “Team Level 75” which is unreachable.


Only unreachable in the current update though, future updates will have a higher level cap

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Yeah but it still feels wrong. We can only assume that the level cap will keep going up eventually but until we can actually level ourselves up to 75 this line of information should be hidden. Or maybe they actually mean level 70 but accidentally put the wrong value to it? I’m just 65 so I don’t know if I get another Patrol slot at 70 yet.
This is about as wrong as stating that you need to play as Kurtz to get a desired reward. We can only assume that Kurtz will be playable, eventually. :slight_smile:

PVP: Once battle starts the first hero previously selected is not your starting hero, instead it’s random between any of the other 4. Very annyoing, specially when there is lag and switching to your main character means winning or losing the match

PVP: Team power is displayed incorrectly, having trouble replicating so can’t provide much info, there is another thread about this called “pvp power…” something something

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Once you start a battle it takes around 2 minutes to load, then you tap back, wait another minute still nothing.

Then I close and open the game again and my team is dead

Does it happen everytime after the update?

Had this sometime before, annoying, but it happend only on very few occaisions (once a week or so)

Its just as if they tell hou can farm Kurtz shards on district 12, which is currently locked. I guess it’s 75, and it will be possible next month. But it could be a mistake. We cant be sure until someone reaches 70

Yes, Keel’s gold ability no longer heals when a cover is destroyed.

Not a bug per say, but Oracles bombard ability should have a channel bar during it. She ducks down and cant shoot or move but without a channel bar its not obvious that she’s doing the ability imo. I guess its more so a quality of life improvement.

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Thank’s for the reports! I can confirm that we are aware of all of these issues and fixes for some of them are about to be pushed out shortly.

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Oracles Platinum ability killing enemies a long way into the battle…

Maybe just Image glitch for bombardment ability?

Noticed that too. Maybe ust a display bug, cause I used her silver, while the kill happens.
Also, at least in german, her Bronze says “raises the cooldown by 50%”, but it more seems to lower it.

My Oracle had lv 1 silver (18k dmg per orbital strike) and lv 41 plat (33k dmg per rocket).

I’ve seen those rockets falling while casting her orbital strike, but I’ve also seen them while moving around or attacking, and they do around 30k, so its definitively her plat acting weird.

It seems to happen after she cast her bronze skill, and they keep raining until enemies are dead.

Im not entirely sure how to trigger this bug, tho

This update has many bugs. No gold bonus for the first 3-star success - I already reported that. Now - the bonus for the first victory is also no longer possible. Meanwhile I am losing more and more gold because of this mistake! I always have to pay a lot to get gold and so now it is extremely annoying to lose gold because of this mistake.

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