Lancer Opinions

So how is this bomb chucking klg nutcase? I got him from my second gilded crate (first one I got president brogan himself) his plat seems crazy strong and his abilities all seem ro combo well together I’ve seen a lot of people max him out.

His biggest benefit is that he has a high power rating, making him useful in Alliance Wars. His basic attack probably the better quality he has, considering that his skills don’t deal consistent damage.

He’s fun to work with, but requires a lot of leveling up.

Was using him during draft and he struggles against equivalent heroes. He can do a fair bit of dmg but kinda needs to be piloted or else the ai doesnt really use his grenades optimally. Overall hes not too bad, just sorta averageish.

He has more power scaling than pretty much everyone, but that’ll hardly matter unkess youre maxing out his upgrades