Limiting Same Hero Revives in PvP

By limiting the same hero revives spamming in PvP, let’s say the latest top DPS and Support, it will allow for more teams to compete against each other and shakes up the meta. It will also test the top players skills by them having to use more than their usual hero(s) which they spam revive in each event.

I would assume the top players will be those who are good at using multiple teams and combos in each event and come up with better strategies than spam reviving the latest best DPS hero for example. It will also force them to better play with him, as losing the hero is more costly now since the revives are more limited per hero.



Flatline and Ifrit getting under your skin? :joy:

But for real, I wouldn’t want a revive limit. With nearly 90 heroes to choose from, there are many options to dealing with revivers, either by upgrading a burst hero, or by building a team that can withstand long periods of damage.

If you want some extra control, try investing in Alvarez, Jarek, or Kurtz, as they are handy to use in those situations.

I think he means limiting the number of times a hero can be restored to use. Restoring hearts, not heroes being revived in battle.


Exactly what he means. Ifrit isn’t even that good anymore and is only in maybe 5-15% of the matches I see.

Meanwhile you still see 4-Cep, Flatline, and Mandrake all the time. For the event Fran, Irezumi, Phalanx, Shiv, and Halo are alspo seeing a lot of use due to their bonus points.

Regardless of limiting revives paying players will always have a huge advantage. They can get the new hero of the month maxed out the fastest to use on their highest level teams, have more hearts/revives, and have bigger rosters. I don’t think limiting the revives of certain heroes would help all that much.

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couldn’t agree more sir. Well said.

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