Make fortress great again!

I honestly dont think he was that op, there are far more ridiculously op heroes than him, his recharge is totally ruined now.


I was definitely sad to see him nerfed. He used to be a pvp monster for me.

Yeah, I think it was the wrong decision to do what was done. He is pretty useless now.

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It was a huge nerf, I used him a lot on PvP and it’s so sad to see how they ruined his skill.

Great now I have to find another hero to promote to replace him
Any suggestions for a replacement for fortress?

I usually use gammond, he doesnt do as much dps but has heals and tanks

Why did you they even change him? In my opinion, he was perfect, he’s useless now.

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His recharge mechanics were supposedly broken, even if they were fortress wasnt op.