New ability

Why not have a hero that can cause the opponent to attack themselves for a few seconds?

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So basically like the pokemon move “confusion”

You could make a hero suggestion. Give details on a moveset that revolve around this psychic move.

Pariah’s silver ability kinda does that. All healing the opponent receives turns into damage.

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and Kaishi’s gold…, giving a thorn effect to Kaishi against the target

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I’ve noticed the presence of friendly fire, and how you can hit your allies, but it won’t deal damage. No doubt there could be a passive ability where enemies who friendly fire deal 1x or 2x damage against allies, instead of 0 damage.

What I can see being possible: inflict self-damage on yourself when you fire while under the effect of this debuff. That’s in the realm of possibility.

What isn’t possible is giving direct control of an opponent’s Hero. Due to firing lines on your own side, and handing off control to another client, it’s not really doable. We also probably wouldn’t be able to have a Hero affected by this go on auto and attack their allies for similar reasons.

Good idea, though!


points gun at own face and shoots. Besides i think there have been concepts and discussions about this before, they might possibly take in this thought, if true then don’t expect them soon as they plan heroes months in advance, though it is indeed a cool thought to have a hero that just switches around and starts shooting teammates. Though here’s the dilemma: what if they are player controlled, how could you force a person to shoot their own that controls their hero

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