💡 New Event Idea

Hey everyone!

In Call of Duty Mobile, there’s a new event called “Knights Divided.” In this, each player will choose a team: Red or Blue. Both teams will be grinding for points to earn rewards that include a wingsuit, weapon skins, a charm, a character skin, and an avatar frame. The rewards are the color of the team you chose. The team that wins in the end earns an exclusive backpack only available to the winning team. To earn points, every couple days, new challenges come out that you must do. For example, week one’s challenge is “Kill Enemies in any mode.” There are 15 challenges total. You can also gain bonus points by using a specific skin set throughout the event.
The event lasts 22 days.

What I’m suggesting is we had an event similar to this in Hero Hunters. It would probably be a one-time event, but I’m sure the community would enjoy it. Obviously there aren’t things such as wingsuits and charms in this game, so the rewards would be different.

Here’s my idea for rewards:
1) Different colored skins depending on the team you choose. The skins should be for a highly used character such as Serial or Halo
2) Frags for the character
3) Hero tokens/gilded tokens/gold
4) The winning team would earn most wanted tokens

(This could also be an opportunity to introduce weapon skins to the game)

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Let me know what you think!


I forgot to mention some things!

• Each reward is unlocked at specific milestones. For example, in CODm, the wingsuit is unlocked at 50 points. The charm is unlocked at 800 points. A weapon skin is unlocked at 3500 points. So on and so forth.
• There IS a leaderboard. Starts with top 100% and goes up to top 1%. These are totally separate rewards. The higher you make it up the leaderboard, the more rewards you earn.


Would be a fun way to spice up the game a little bit. I like it. How would the points be earned in this hero hunters version?


By doing challenges hehe. Challenges could be playing a mode, using a faction, using an element, killing a character in PvP, using a skin, etc…

I’m not sure what else, but I’m sure the devs would come up with something. :sweat_smile:


Seems like it could be fun, I’d like to see something like this in the game.


The way this would be set up, it would have to be through a Blitz. I’m not sure our system has a way of sorting players into “buckets” and serving them a specific Blitz. Anything else would take a loooot of code work for a one-off event.

I’m not opposed to it, but the problem with taking a mode from another game and trying to adapt it is similar to attaching a rocket engine to a car. It fits great on the rocket, as both were designed in tandem. It clearly looks bolted-on when you try to make the car go faster.

There may be a different approach. I’ll think about it, but as always, thank you for your feedback, can’t promise anything, don’t take my discussion of the idea as a guarantee or endorsement of the idea, etc.


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