New Hero Concept: Joestar - Basketball Star

Element: Energetic

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

my name isn’t a JOJO reference

DOT - Survivalist
Skillful player who increases his damage as he hits the target


Bronze: Slam Dunk - Run by dribbling to then jump and crush the ball onto the target.

  • The target will be knocked down for 4 seconds.

Silver: Long Launch - performs a series of launches that hit all enemies randomly stunning the target for 1 second.

  • The farther the target is, the less damage will be done.

Gold: Dribbling - every time you hit an enemy you get a charge, each charge increases the damage of the weapon.

  • You can accumulate 5 charges.
  • If you miss the target the charges will run out.
  • The fifth charge gives the weapon explosive damage that causes more damage to the cover.

Platinum - Champion - every time you eliminate an enemy, you get a shield that absorbs 20% of damage.
Each enemy eliminated increases the resistance of the shield.
After destruction, the shield will not reactivate for 6 seconds.

Appearance: he is an African-American man, very tall and athletic.
He wears a tank top, shorts, sneakers, a pair of cuffs and a bandana.

The Weapon:

has not a real weapon, but a prototype of energy ball; basically is a small quantum energy generator enclosed in a special glass with several magnets around that simulate the bounce of the ball and the edges of a special ultra-light metal alloy that protects everything.


Stand Name: Space Jam
Stand User: Jonah Joestar
Someone had to do it ;p

Energy ball sounds really good. Maybe skill like rebound (hit someone for x damage and ball bounces of to next characters to do x2 damage.), hard pass (throws off to opponents as quick pass, causing disorientation or lock weapon or skills for 5 seconds).

We need baseball players (batsman and pitcher), NFL player, volleyball player which creates clones and golfer one as well to finish team :slight_smile:

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