New hero concept: Lorraine the god of the faction People's guard



Lorraine plans to sought the faction People’s guard, after bypass plans to unite the incoming factional god, in then Lorraine and bypass plan to unite their power


Bronze ability - power to unite

Lorraine calls bypass for a massive attack in People’s guard faction
For 64849 damage

Silver ability - call of blast

Lorraine calls klayton for a massive attack of their faction People’s guard for 53383 damage

Gold ability - the Sanhedrin

(Power to unite) is now deals another 5789 health damage for people’s guard faction.

Platinum ability - prophecy of people’s guard

(Call of blast) is now deals extra 4689 damage plus 16% critical chance for faction Patriots

Ruby ability - serve and protect

By starting the battle,Lorraine and her faction people’s guard now deals extra 63380 damage

Diamond ability - latter of all people

This factional god now deals extra 47900 damage per game

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