New hero concept: Scales

Richard Scales M.D. was a geneticist working on altering DNA is fungus and viruses to cure diseases. Dying of cancer he decided to test his serum on himself. The serum worked but had unpredictable negative side effect on his skin turning it a scaly yellow-green. Outcasted for his appearance he found his skills we’re useful in combat.

Scales is a rear line bio-chem healer capable of a steady stream of healing. While his heals are not super strong individually they can add up to make him a threat. He also adds support to the group by transferring negative effects back the enemy.

Bronze skill: (Paracyte) Scales infects one target with a parasitic vector which reduces the targets maximum health by X amount and last until cancelled or removed. Whenever the infected receives a heal X amount is also applied to lowest health ally of Scales. Scales has 40 % chance every second to transfer the remaining duration of a debuff to target affected with Paracyte. Only 1 target can affected by Paracyte.

Silver skill: (Decontamination) Scales heals everyone instantly for X amount and transfers all negative effects to himself. He will only receive one copy of each type of debuff if there are multiples the rest are negated.

Gold skill: (Symbiotic) Scales will heal all other allies by X amount each second while he has no active debuffs and will heal himself by X amount while under a debuff.

Platinum skill: (Epidemic) When Scales transfers a debuff via Paracyte there is 5% chance to instead spread the debuff to all enemies. If the debuff is applied this way the original duration is also applied instead of the remaining duration.

Also increase Decontamination heal by X amount whenever Scales transfer a debuff. Does not stack.

I love this! The idea of being able to transfer fx back on the enemy is awesome

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Thanks I just noticed that most of latest heroes have lots debuffs and want to create a counter for that.

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