New hero suggestion: Senbonsa

Senbonsa is a powerful fighter who excels at duels like Kaishi But uses her aura to fight instead.

Senbonsa is 5’5”, with a short hourglass figure, blue hair tied back in a pigtail, and often wears a black and white kimono with yellow stripes. She is from a rare family bloodline that uses auras to fight and to live. The family has split apart from its beginning and warred against each other, with members having an annual duel “under the Sakura blossoms”. Whether for fame, power, glory, she’s seen her sisters, brothers, and parents duel it out. She has escaped her heritage and discovers Kurt’s campaigning against colonel Wesson, and Wesson’s counter attack. Reminded of her own family backstory, she can’t help but interfere and settle a peace between the two parties. Now, she sabotages small events and tries to convince single mercenaries one at a time to join her side of peace, so that she won’t have to see Colonel Wesson and Kurt’s have a “duel under the Sakura” so to speak. She’s more willing to talk it out if possible, but won’t hesitate to fight for her purpose.

Faction: mechanical
Position: rearline
Weapon: pistol

Bronze, aura shield: shields herself. All damage is converted into aura (Max 7), for each xx damage she takes. She boosts her weapon damage and movement speed proportion to how much aura she has. She loses all aura after six seconds.

Silver, immortal flower: gains evasion chance and regenerates health based on how much aura she has (if she has all 7, evade all attacks) for five seconds, then depleted all aura.

Gold, Blossoming tree: whenever she stands out of cover for 5 seconds, she gains an aura, and whenever she loses all aura she heals all other allies

Platinum, Sakura arms: cannot die while she has aura, instead each xx damage depletes one aura if she would die. In addition she also gains extra armor if she has more than one aura.

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