Players who break the game

I’m just curious, what’s HH doing against Hacks & Mod APK? Is there any action that prevents this? Are there internal “search engines” that detect abnormalities? (too much gold, too much money all at once, oh I remember an old thread, with 1/3 of the gear costs.)

I’m sure it’s one, if small, part of the player who uses that, but such players break the game

Do you have any specific examples that you’ve seen of hacks? As far as I know, for HH, mods/hacks are extremely rare, if not nonexistent. In the past, when exploits have been used, there have been blanket bans handed out to offending players, but the ones I can think of weren’t hacks per se.

This wasn’t a hack; this is (unfortunately) intentional. The developers have stated in the past that they regularly test new economy systems. Sometimes, this is done by altering the resource economy for only a small number of accounts and then tracking analytics and comparing against accounts that use the standard rates.

Hey guys,

Due to the way the game runs, modifying the game client won’t work. I won’t go into details. We do keep apprised of any new modified clients that are reported to us. Anything that manages to get past us, we handle once it’s discovered.

That being said, a few notes:

  1. Discussing specific modifications to the game client is against ToU. You guys are very, very close to skirting the “general discussion” line in this topic by talking about specific events. I’ll close and delete if it goes further.

  2. What most people perceive as “hacks” is either a bug, or something they’re not aware of in the game. For a lot of gamers, when something unexpected happens, their first instinct is to blame the game and call it a bug. The other half will blame other players, and call it a “hack.” If you encounter something awry in the game, let us know, but don’t jump to conclusions right away.



Thanks for the response @Muninn! I edited my comment to remove the specifics that I mentioned.

Then I’d like to report this. Happened at least twice to me. Not common but all involve enemy Jarek gettign stuck behind the wall and being immune to all damage. Only damageable during his attack skills when he jumps at my heroes. Those few seconds are all I have to whittle him down over the course of 2 minutes, to either win outright or by timeout. Seems like an AI as a human player would probably exploit it by staying hidden and never using any skills. Not sure if he can damage through the walls or if he has to leave the wall to hit me with even his basic weapon.

If you are talking about shipping yard ground, I’ve posted some screen shot in thread “Post your funny moments”.
Check It in gallery cat.

That’s a bug! And not something a player can trigger manually.

Yeh. I know. Thanks for your confirmation.

Another bug/hack to report. This time’s against a player as he has an alliance.

Phoenix dies, revives, but animation continues showing a fallen dead body but you can see shots coming from the area where her body lies. There is no hit box whatsoever to hit Phoenix and the opponent could still shoot and use all skills.Only way to win was by time or when Phoenix almost stupidly killed herself with her Bronze skill.

Negatory Batman! That is Jarek’s diamond ability that only those in the secret squirrel circle have unlocked. I’ve posted about it in another thread. The skill name is called Rambo Rage.

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I’ve had mandrake be revived by flatline and just constantly spin in circle

If you want to report bugs, please check the FAQ/Guidelines for instructions. No need to have a topic listing everything you found. Reports to support are the best way to get that info to us.

NOTE: They won’t tell you “thanks I’ll fix this right away” so be polite to them if they accept your report and don’t offer anything else, as they can’t promise timelines.

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