War rewards error

So I just collected my weekly and monthly rewards for war, but received the wrong ones. I’m in the expert division (15m+) but I got the lowest reward for specialist (10-15m). Did anyone else get this error. I talked to a few members in the alliance that I’m in and a few got expert rewards but at the same time a few members got specialist rewards.

How many did you get and what rank was you? I am not sure but probably is been a mixture in that.

I got the lowest rewards from specialiest division, and we ranked top 20

I got the lowest reward in specialist . But We placed 30th place in expert

Please make sure to send a ticket into our Support Team! They’re able to collect up more information that helps us investigate. For example, we can’t look up any information on your war, alliance, team and what you got vs what you should have got from your Forum name. Sending in a support ticket helps us gather this information.

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Thanks. I just sent one.

Thanks @Huginn so nice to see you back here. The best.

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What is top 10% ranking in war considered

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