Scavenger hunt bug

Please help me here
Gift no. 94
14-4 Hard


U can barely see the gift through barrels in first 2 screenshot

Have u tried to change your rearline hero?

Different hero have different POV…
Try a ‘shorter’ hero like Duran or Min…

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I tried enigma quassary lwa Artemis prophet irfit etc

I even tried other tier heroes but it’s way too much hidden

Try with Bypass if you have her and don’t go max right, stay 1 position from the max right, that’s how I got it. It’s tricky but it’s possible.


Everest have largest scope still I don’t get it

I know she’s best for this in rearline I have already tried with it for more tha 5 times

I have tried from all positions available on the map (even from wave 2 ) but how can I kill a turtle in a shell while being rooted to the ground

U can see the gift from here only and not from anywhere else

If anyone thinks he or she can I’m ready to give him my I’d for a try

It’s the purple box, isn’t it…

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Yes, that’s the present!

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Please check out this gif, hope it helps :pray:

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Thank you very much guys

I really appreciate your efforts
But I really can’t access it becoz it’s slightly misplaced
I’ve tried each and every thing but it’s like wasting time

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Thanks very much problem solved

I installed the game on another device and downloaded the specific map and gift was there as u guys said thanks very much both of u guys


Thank u very much :heartbeat::heart:

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