Should I star up Lancer or Odachi?

Have only enough fragments to star up one chem hero. Which one should it be?

Lancer is OK support and can deal huge instant damage
Odachi can kill weakened enemies very quickly and disrupted enemies.
Personally lancer is rarer so I would out fragments in him cause lancer only is available in gilded crate so u won’t get his fragments anywhere else.

I’d say lancer for war. Odachi use to be top notch in pvp. But because of ronin his hp is real low and dies super fast

Definitely Lancer. He is the fourth highest power hero in the game currently, and a must for AW.

Odachi doesn’t really excel at anything. He is mediocre in PVP and PVE, and possibly better than Lancer in both, but both are trumped by a ton of other characters so it’s irrelevant.

I’d honestly say odachi as odachi is more consistent damage, but lancer is super effective at raids, so it’s up to you what you want them for

Lancer for sure. He will help a tone in war

No question lancer 1st

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Lancer is for raid/coop purposes. While Odachi is one of pvp killer, or bio DPS. So,it depends ur choice to focus on which one.
For AW,Lancer is stronger than Oda too.