So do the character buffs apply to the enemies as well

So when I was doing gun-der dome hard1 I noticed that my razorback 7 star plat 0 lvl 65 just dies instantly

Do the actual buffs for venom gunsmoke jackal the demon sniper ( I can never spell her name) and orbez apply to the enemy as well as the player?

The buffs don’t stack, the enemies are just going to be higher level and more upgraded to make it harder. So in a way you could say it is stacked as a ruby+5 venom will be x multiplier compared to Platinum+5. In terms of what is listed as buffs however no, the enemies are just stronger is all.

Ok good to know

Which is weird my team is power level 50’040 and it’s not that much over it 1000 to be excat

Figured it wouldn’t be that bad

The missions named Hard, Brutal and Master definitely earn their name. They are meant to be challenging and if you don’t have the right mixture of heroes unlocked and upgraded it can be a real struggle to beat Hard 1, most small accounts won’t have the desired heroes and those heroes won’t be upgraded enough so they will likely just stop at Medium 5, this is why they made that mission replayable as it is the cutoff point for a lot of players.

Makes sense

My team is all plat razorback duran phoniex krieger and hideo all level 65 hideo krieger and duran are plat one all 7 star minus duran only 5 star

If it is harder than that I need to grind more gear then

Ok thanks for letting me know

Im glad that they for once made something harder… Nice job…
PD: Still praying for coops lvl95

I used Kurtz and I am pretty low in stars, but still managed to beat it with 1-3 heroes due to Kurtz’s health suction, but yeah my Razorback Plat 5 10 star Lv.91 instantly melted and you would need to automatically get his shield up.

I have a 10-star Plat-5 Lv.93 Castellan and he dies immediately to Jackal on Hard 1. Seems like Hard is the equivalent of Extreme.


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