Some ideas for the game

I have some ideas for HH … suggestions, improvements and criticism are welcome.

  1. Strength of the players
  2. Hide online status
  3. Exchange of Gear
  4. PvP Events (little help)

1.) I’ve seen something like this in another game, and I found it very interesting to get statistics on player strength (you could limit that to the top 100 or 250), both globally and nationally. (National should be about the IP determination actually no problem … or?)

As an example, I imagine this as follows:

Since Fix’n’ Foxi is the strongest player in the game as well as in his country, he is on top of both. These tabs would be updated every 24 hours.
(Account age, Vip, and / or Country would be nice but not necessarily)

2.) Hide online status:

I play a lot of pvp, sometimes in the autoplay and it may happen that I leave the phone times 5 minutes because I just do something else. In the meantime, another player has invited me to a co-op twice (2 x 2 min = 4 min) and then asked me a bit angry why I did not accept his invitation because I was online. I could imagine the following options:

Show online status for everyone Yes / No
Show alliance member online status Yes / No
Show online status for friends Yes / No

With the alliance members, well that one could see with alliance members → only this is very inaccurate as one only appears as online if one logs in or looks at the member list. In the alliance chat I can see how much are online but not who.

3.) Exchange of Gear

In advance, no no barter between players. I thought of another shop where you can exchange items you own (and too much) for others. On the one hand, I have considered the following “exchange course” of the stages:

Green → Bronze = 100 - 1 (for 100 green parts, I get 1 bronze part)
Bronze → Silver = 50 - 1 / Silver → Gold = 25 - 1 / Gold → Platinum = 10 - 1
(The exchange within a “level” would be 1 - 1)

So that the whole thing is not too easy, each exchange would cost a small fee, this would increase cumulatively by level. Another restriction would be that you can do a maximum of x per day

4.) PvP Events (little help)
I play every PvP event, sometimes I am worse without being in the top 100 … but no matter what I would like to have an ad showing how many points I would need to go up (to the next level) or how many points down I still have a lead before falling into the weaker profit level



I’m a huge fan of a stats leaderboard. I would really like to see that evolve.

I would not want to see an option to hide online status, nor a trading system… I don’t think they would do the game any good.

Number 4 is a really good idea tho, it would be helpful to see how many points I would need to get to the next ranking bracket.
For example, if I was rank 1417, which is in the 1000 - 2500 rank bracket, I would like to see how many points I’d need to get rank 999, and how many points I’m ahead of 2501.
That’d be really useful!!

I really like the idea of being able to Exchange Gear. I love other games that have similar “Trade Up” systems, it definitely helps out if you have a huge stockpile of gear that you aren’t using!

Even being able to set your status as away if you haven’t done anything in the past ~3 minutes would be a good system to add in. I’d be all for that.

While I cannot promise that any ideas can make it into the game I can definitely make note of them and talk about them with the rest of the team.

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  1. Not my cup of tea, but i can see some who would enjoy it

  2. Hiding may not be a solution. But a better, more consistent information would help. In chat, you see 4 members online, in friends you see 2 active in the last 5 minutes, In alliance members, it’s all guess work. Cause event those last active times don’t match the ones in friend.

  3. I would love it. but I doubt it would happen. The closest we’ll probably get is the ability to sell our overstock. Because quite frankly, we need the bucks !!!

  4. SO MUCH YES FOR THIS !!! We can only see the points for the first 200 ranks. But when evaluating on effort needed to change bracket, this info would be so appreciated !


Why I would like to 1.) I always thought RYGEL was (is) the best player of the game, out of which nothing I have seen within 1 week 3 more players who have over 1 billion points. The 2 reason is that there are 2 ways to play this game “Play the game or pay the game” with my current Vip12 I have already overtaken some of the VIP 15’s. (same account age).

to 3.) what should I do with thousands of granades, even from the platinum granedes I need only 15%. There are more and more and I have no use for them

to 4.) @raginfiar
stimmt das mit den ersten 200 Plätzen hatte ich im Hinterkopf aber irgendwie vergessen zu erwähnen :wink: I myself always somewhere between 200-250

I believe the Figure he used in #1 is hypothetical, or from a different game.

1.) I’m a huge stats nerd so anything involving a leader-board has my vote.

2.) I think this would really only be limited to specific cases, and I could see myself forgetting to switch between statuses.

3.) This is a really popular idea that has been discussed for months of the forums. I like the idea in theory and could be interesting in the game BUT I think many of the players are so far into the game that they have huge stockpiles of certain items while always needing parts of another. If a crafting system was introduced, I could just see some of the older players instantly getting a bunch of heroes to the highest grade by just converting unused items into the ones they need.
As much as I like the idea I could see it causing some really big issues initially with older players getting a huge increase in power while newer ones who don’t have much stockpiled don’t really benefit. I’d rather see gorgon rotate between certain items (Armored boots on Tuesday, Pistol on Wednesday, etc.)

4.) I like this idea a lot, could see it being pretty beneficial.


Personally, it’s hard for me to keep tabs on what gear I have exactly. Some things I have hundreds of, while others amount to 1 or 2. I really like that trading/selling system idea, both with other players as well as with bots who sell higher tier items.

For bounty’s I’d like to see eyeballs with a number letting us know how many are looking at this hero. Also if your looking at one, have eyeballs and a person icon so you can also see if someone is running them. Too many times I see 3-4 people on the same bounty. Or I’ll pick one that no one is running, only to do 100 damage and they are done.

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