Some questions

I have some questions, that i would like to ask:

1.Which heroes only need 1 plat fragment to get to platinum except dog and mandrake?

2.Is Mandrake worth getting to platinum?

3.Who is better Mauler or Ghoul?

4.Do you think it is worth it to invest in Heronium for improvement purposes only?

  1. What do you mean only 1? Each platinum hero require only 1 platinum item.
  2. Worth.
  3. Mauler.
  4. Yes, it was worth before Heronium came and after.

I dont mean the item itself, but the fragments that are needed to craft the item, like for dog he only needs 1 plat fuel cell fragement.

Fuel cell: dog, ghoul, heckler, hive, kunoichi, mand, nightin, phalanx, sapphire, sentry.

Ok thanks for the information.