Spewage Coops & Drop Rates

Hi @GunSlinger,

2 questions for you…

First: Will we get additional Spewage coops after “Assault on City Hall” or will that event be extended? I only have 71 frags out of 585 for Spewage and the current coop ends in 11 days.

Second: Spewage drop rates. I realize he’s is a 7 star hero, but the drop rates look lower than usual. Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, I apologize. Here’s what I see though…

Most Wanted Crate: 2.16% possibility to pull Spewage.
Spewage Feature Crate: 2.11% possibility to pull Spewage.
Spewage Step up Crate: 0.46% possibility to pull Spewage

Additionally there is text on the Spewage Feature Crate (2.11% possibility) that says “To guarantee Spewage, we recommend the Spewage Step up crate” (0.46% possibility). That’s not a very good recommendation.

The garuantee is on one of the higher levels. They do refer to it. So that is still a thing.
But yes drop rates for feature and step up have always been the same and they should.

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