Suggestion: Custom Practice Mode

Good day guys,

I suggest we should have a custom practice mode where we could try out our heroes and form a best team. PVPing with a friend is kinda difficult since every player has different power levels and hero levels.

This would help us, even for the novices, to choose a best hero team before they will level it up.

This could benefit also to those vloggers who are explaining how to use the team especially the new heroes.

what do you think guys?

Edited 1: PVPing with a friend also finds difficult as they are not always available to be your training partner. Perhaps being a solo alone should be good.

Edited 2: This also includes using the unlocked heroes to test it.


You are able to duel any player and on the bottom before match select the arena and adjust power levels same as if playing draft. That way you are evenly matched and can just play around with hero synergies.

I do this against myself 3 vs 3 to practice faction fights.


but the question is, can you use an unlocked hero?? just to figure it out which team you should unlock it? heheheh

and also, not all friends are always available to be your training partner

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go against people in normal pvp. Don’t like the idea of a practice mode when going against real players is a better way to find synergies

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I like the idea, except for the new hero…
And also I would like to suggest that we can put a bet in PvP, maximum 3 - 5golds or something…
I believe this will bring new excitement and addiction. This game will much more alive…:hugs:

What do you guys think about it ?


im just thinking of that like gold trades

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