Suggestion: Infinite Wave Mode

So a suggestion to add a new mode for players would be Infinite Wave Mode.

It is a simple mode desgined for players to face a endless number of waves as each wave gets stronger each time.

Rewards for Infinite Wave Mode is based on the stage the complete.

Monthly Ranking rewards is there for those who seek to be competitive in a more PvE challenge Ranking system with the top 10000 players getting better rewards based on their ranking but below Rank 10000 will be the standard 500 Gold + 200,000 Cash. It keeps those who love being competitive in this game always on their toes because the Ranking will last a month instead of a short amount of days within a week.

Each 10 Waves have a set reward that reset each month as well. The first 10 wave rewards start out as…

Wave 1 = 10,000 Cash
Wave 2 = 2 Gear token
Wave 3 = 2 Chemical Token
Wave 4 = 2 Tech token
Wave 5 = 20,000 Cash
Wave 6 = 3 Gear Token
Wave 7 = 3 Chemical Token
Wave 8 = 3 Tech token
Wave 9 = 5 Universal Hero Token
Wave 10 = 25 Gold

and the farther you go the better the rewards but every 10th wave will always give 20 Gold once per month. You will not be able to obtain these rewards again until the Monthly rest.

They can also introduce special Events for Infinite Wave Mode as well similar to PvP Events with the events giving special rewards and event rules as well. These events will act as the special limited time weekly rewards so players can come back to Infinite Wave Mode once they have gone as far as they can for the monthly ranking.


Ryker and the Group have located a hidden base storing advance supplies used by the KLG for improving their units (aka Star Ranking) and Ryker seek to obtain these materials within the base so they can use these supplies to improve themselves against KLG forces. However, as they attempt to extract these supplies the KLG will send forces to stop them. Ryker’s group must obtain as much as they can before they are forced to retreat from the base.

Save points:

Every 10th Wave will act as a save point for the month. Players can choose to begin on the X0th Wave they last reached or begin from Wave 1 again. Players will not lose their Save point if they choose to start from floor 1 but all floors you have already completed for the month will not provide the player their floor rewards until monthly reset.


There is no timer for Infinite Waves Mode. This will be a test of your team’s ability to survive in a PvE focused environment.

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Rewards youre talking about aren’t looking like a “one in a month rewards” but idea is good

Ya sorry about that. I am still adjusting the idea a bit including the reward amount so i have adjusted the suggested Default reward for players who not reach the top 10000 players to be 500 gold and 200,000 cash. I also adjusted the ranking a to below 10,000 Rank.

High ranking above 10000 will still give higher rewards.

Honestly, I feel anything higher than 500 gold as the default may cause the veteran players to complain there is too much free gold from the Monthly Rank reward for those who do not reach the top 10,000. Still the Gold reward will be higher for those in the top 10,000 Rank but I will leave that amount to the developers.

Event rewards will most likely still reward free gold as well depending on the event but that will also be left to the developers since events are unique and only the developers will know what the event theme will be focused on.

Just please don’t put a timer per wave…

No need for a timer since this will be a test of the player’s team in a more PvE focused environment.

Eventually the player will face a wave that will just murder their team because it is too strong for them.

Still with the long term of Infinite Wave Mode they may include Save points for those who have made it far in Infinite waves and don’t want to end up doing a whole 10+ waves just to reach back where they last left off.

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