'Summon' ing... Delay is zzzzz, price is!

Love to get a Devs response on this please? (And not Munnin the forum police 8))

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@bombbella @huggin @Omnipotent

Only logical response can be, “we are aware that this was an issue that was a result of correcting deficiencies from the previous bounty and we plan on making adjustments to both the summoning rate and reducing the bucks expense to provide a more balanced experience.”

Anything less than admitting this issue was a byproduct of a rash correction to a previous bad decision is blasphemy. Completely get that mistakes will happen and some ideas that seem great in theory don’t really pan out in practice. No big deal that last bounty was a “bucks” suckfest, just fix this before next bounty starts. You don’t even need to admit fault, but please acknowledge you’re listening.

@DopedGoat - For what it’s worth, Omni mentioned in VIP yesterday that they were keeping an eye on cash expenditure during bounties.

Whether or not they actually do anything about it is an entirely different question seeing as they know players will pay to stay competitive and more cash = more gold = more profits. Unfortunately this is a very short-term driven mindset because players will burn out extremely quickly and soon bounty will be one more game mode to ignore.