Tapjoy won't open

I just finished a tapjoy offer, got my gold, now I want to start a new one. The issue, the tapjoy buttons don’t do anything. Restarted app, phone, etc. Got off Wi-Fi on to cell signal, nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions?

You can send a ticket to support regarding the issue, otherwise, there isn’t much that the Forums can help with.

Ya, I did. Just wondering if others are experiencing it, too.

Yes, I also have been unable to access Tapjoy since yesterday. Since it’s Tapjoy and not HH to send ticket too, I haven’t got around to it.

I’ve been having the same issue. Where you able to get any answers about this problem?

Nope. Once in a blue moon it will open but very very rarely.

The forum rules have a few sections that might help! Read them, thoroughly.

Are you referring to the statement to use direct player support? I tried that with no help. If not, can you be more specific on what to read for help? Ive tried different devices, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting data. Tapjoy said never use a VPN or change my advertising ID as these will get me banned.

Also had this issue, I’ve found a fix for it by switching to an alt account, then switching back and it works. No idea why, but it works for me. Give it a shot.

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That, and the part that says you won’t be able to receive help on the forums.

If you didn’t like the response you got from support, or they directed you to speak to Tapjoy and you didn’t like that, that doesn’t mean the rules no longer apply!