Tapjoy not loading

I’m pressing the GET button but it won’t load…nothing happens. It’s loaded In the past, but i wasn’t ready to do offers until now.

I figured it out, tapjoy is blocked at the public wifi I’m using. NEW PROBLEM:

Now that I’m using a VPN, all the offers are gone!

I hope they come back, I really do.

Anything decent on tapjoy currently? Need to replenish the gold I just wasted on Brogan crate. SUCKER!

Why was it a waste? That was my plan.

It’s not a waste some people expect a good chance at Brogan. Which it doesn’t give. It does however give a lot of hero frags at a reduced cost.

Well wait just a minute. The ad says 9 heroes not fragments for heroes. Please explain.

Once you have a lot of heroes new heroes is a bonus I mainly buy crates for fragments, and hope to get lucky.

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