The Shipyard map has a glitch.The screen turned pitch black

I had two remaining heroes in PVP , Caine and Galante.I (Caine) couldnot use my skill to shield my ally and that perplexed me.After Caine was dead ,the screen went pitch black (like in the uploaded picture).Since I couldnot help it I had switched on the autoplay.
The game ended with my Galante stuck but still alive.

i’d send the screenshot to support. might be a map glitch or could have been a thing on your end. either way, they’ll look into the issue at hand

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Not just the map. Multiple maps.

Report to support.

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Yes, you are right.

How do I send this to support?

In game click your name>support>contact us

You’ll have the option to upload the screenshot using the paperclip icon

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Oftentimes a level will do that, it happens in pvp/coop matches. Clearing your cache and resetting your game app can fix that.

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Vintermyst , resetting the game app.That will erase some of my achievnts,right?

Think he meant restart the game. Or relaunch after closing


Yeah the app itself is what you’re closing and opening again. Just make sure it’s not running in the background.

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