Updates to Quick Win Allowance

If u work for ur equipment and u have say 50 solve fuel cells and u need a gold y shouldn’t u be allowed to grad for it the quick win tickets are just one thing there are tons of different items u should be able to trad for I think

What if you can pump quick win tickets to reduce the stamina cost of a run by 1, down to a minimum of 1. Gives a quick way to burn a ton of tickets and save some stamina. No one would probably have too many.

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This is a most excellent news! I can’t wait to see the August update.

Sounds great!
May this .gif be a thing of the past! :pray:t4::+1:t4:

We need more daily stamina you should also include some sort of Stamina that comes out with the daily tickets I know we get around 40ish stamina if we login certain times of the day but you can burn through stamina in a few quick wins since the drop rate sucks so bad. I literally went through almost 100 stamina just to get 5 gold hour glass looking things. That is just one I mentioned there are many more out there that suck at dropping.