Void Urgent Mission

At the void urgent mission, when reset, did not open the level again for repeat.

Its a bug or its just like that?


I contacted Suport. It was planned to be like this. No glitch

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I reset 4 times the first cycle. 800 gold went to toilet. :poop: HH getting really creative to grab our money these days. :relieved:


Why you reset ? There was plenty of time to complete it

Exactly. Cuz I m an idiot I guess.

You are only buying more wins, not reseting the raid

The whole structure is whack; why need all that time to finish the urgent mission if there’s no replay-ability? Shoot, why even offer the chance for resets?


Yea, “98 reset left.” …. I need to admire the deep psychological tactic used here. :skull:

This was exactly what Razordome did at the beginning, then they changed it so we could replay it.

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