We deserve better patch notes

The patch notes are great, they give us some information on what is coming in the update, what has changed and what to expect going forward until the next update. However, what they lack is detail, we need more detail on what is changed because the last 3 updates have released big things which have been completely absent from the patch notes.

Let’s start with raids:
Gorgon Wakes has the new parts as stated in the patch notes, however, the idea of GW tokens is completely new along with the coinciding crate. The level of GW raid also does not state how many tokens you get for running the raid, 90+ is 75 tokens if you want to know. Speaking of this crate, how about we talk about what’s in it, there were no mentions of it and I love the idea of people actually trading a raid everybody forgot about for so long to get thee tokens. The crate contains cash, gold and frags which is great but why wasn’t this announced? this seems like a massive update to the raid and its usefulness. Also the 30-day timer on it? will this be a permanent thing if not then can we have it as a permanent thing as it keeps people playing GW.

Speaking of crates let’s talk about the need for a crate schedule?! we have an event schedule why can’t we see what crates are coming, what to save our gold for what we should be looking to get, the appropriate names and information can be censored if need to be to avoid spoiling stuff but this month’s update has a large focus on crates and what to get from them. We need more information on crates, what will be the focus of them when they will be coming out if there will be a tier crate this month. The elephant in the room, however, is this new ‘Gilded Crate’ it’s the renamed premium gold crate pre-update and now has the chance to give us commando, hopefully, more details on him will be released as mentioned in the notes.

PVP: The tourneys are now fixed! that should be a headline because now your rank actually represents the correct reward rather than playing 1 patch and being top 15% for 3 days in a row. Another application of the need for more information was the complaining about the PVP crate last month as well, it could have been avoided if the information as released in the patch notes rather then everyone finding out without being told.

A lot of complaining about HH comes from the lack of information where needed, I know it may take more time but please consider the idea of giving us more details, what it coming what is changing not the basic stuff like who the featured hero is or how GW is changing, we need the details and proper patch notes should include said details.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading please leave any suggestions you believe should be included alongside what ahs been said.


As they work throughout the month, a list should be generated on a daily basis on the changes. It’s not like they would have to pull something out of thin air as they’ve been working towards something for weeks on end…get a tally list, show it to us. Totally agree dude.


Yes, in general there should be more information, not less.

However it takes alot of time to pull information out, compile it, vet it for correctness and push it out to the player base.

For upcoming crates and offers, although it would be great to have that information as players, I am not sure it would be in the business interests of HHG to disclose every crate and offer they’re gonna push out for the month.

Not only would players spend less, it would give HHG LESS flexibility of pushing offers out at their own timing and choice to meet their financial needs and goals.

I would normally be inclined to agree with you for the exception of the post by the devs not long ago explaining how advanced the updates are actually made, this means that the said update before finalisation and moving onto the next update and plan has notes that differentaite it from other updates they are working on. Internal patch notes are often highly more detailed to the smallest changes in code due to logbooks, this may be too much detail but pulling from said notes shouldn’t be that difficult given the time between an update being finished and it actually being released to the public.

(however please be aware I am not a dev at HHG and this is based on speculation and inferences from informaiton we have been given, I may be completely wrong here)

Offers I don’t care about as much as crates, to retain the business interests and financial viability of crates as mentioned in my OP censorship may be required to stop spoiling informaiton of events (even thouh we already have the event) for example we know a carabina skin crate is coming, do we know when? Do we know for how long? It would be nice to ave this basic information such as what date it will be starting and how long even if it’s estimates and subject to changes. A basic list of things to come would be nice even if it’s as simple as “1x tier crate” without mentioning who is featured. Me, along with many other players probably won’t want to spend gold on the bounty cara crate to just have a tier crate thrown in our faces a few days later with no gold to spend on it.

I don’t think anticipation of events would cause players to spend less, if anything it would create more honesty between players who would be willing to spend more for gold in the wake of a crate coming up. If I knew a tier crate was coming I would try to save gold but then buy the gold drop as well to get the right amount of gold before it drops rather then outright not spending any cash at all on a larger gold drop.
(of course I know this only applies to me but I think having a larger quanitity purchase of the daily gold drop is better then a smaller quanitiy of medium/large purchases)

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I think you’re dramatically over estimating how long a month is.

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Yes, this is exactly the problem with any sort of store telling potential customers “there’s a sale coming!”. They stop spending money waiting for next superhero crate or whatever

Updates are made and completed several months before they are released (as far as I am aware and have been told) and please read the comment below about more small purchases being equal to large purchases.

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