We need a 6th Element

I think we should have another element. A sixth element. And it more difficult to get the frags and harder to build the hero.

If you were to think about the sixth element, what would be it?

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Heronium element would be cool😎


…Carbon, perhaps? :wink:

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Hear me out on this… rock/earth

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Only an element worthy to gods, the spiritual element. An urgent mission could also be based around it called Urgent Mission: Olympus, and basically its PVP with players and you either go up or down in points based on if you win or lose. However, it would also be similar to bounty in that the alliance’s points are counted. That would be how you are ranked. By reaching different tiers, you could get some of the new heroes in that element. So in conclusion, a bounty event except an PVP instead of facing a bounty.

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Ooo everyone would got battling foe that one

Dollar sign. Massive pile of cash. Empty wallet.

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