Who likes Briar poll

Just a poll with 2 questions.

Who likes Briar?
or who thinks she’s worth the 50 euro.

  • Yes love her
  • No don’t like her
  • Not worth the money
  • She’s worth the money

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After her buff she became really good. I liked her before as well but she’s better now.

I like her. She now deals good damage, and her group root works well with Kuno.
Plus, I like giraffes. 5/5

Some problems with the poll. Imo you need a bit more of a gradient and some middling answers. Briar is a bit more complex than good or bad.

  1. Amazing, I love her, worth buying.
  2. Pretty good, worth buying.
  3. Meh, worth buying.
  4. Meh, not worth buying.
  5. Pretty good, not worth buying.
  6. Terrible, I hate her, not worth buying.

I suspect she more of a soft “good, but not worth it”. She doesnt sucks, but she probably costs too much.

She is super skilled!! She shoots from the hip! With a SNIPER RIFLE!!

This is cheap rip-off of Artemis. I have Artemis. So I don’t play with Briar. Only way I use her in future – Bounty event. Her roots may be useful in first wave.

Next poll I’ll make sure it’s clear 2 options are available to vote, a combination is possible, you can like the hero but don’t think it’s worth the money, or don’t like the hero but think it’s worth the money.

Just as an example, I’ll state that in the next one

I see we have people who voted 1 option, next time try to vote on 2, the money and use ability where 2 questions, this doesn’t give a good result to the vote, right now 59% says they don’t like the money for the hero but they didn’t give feedback if they liked or didn’t like the hero.

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