Year End Rework Collection

Of course its by BlackRose lol. This is collection of ideas i had over the past year that i cant post individually. As a dedicated hh player/forums poster, these really bother me. If you dont want to see a child complain and write stupid ideas for 5 minutes, then click off immediately. Highly unorganized. Just a warning.

Hardscope needs an option to reload standing up to fully utilize Hardscope and make him a viable dps choice over other contenders. This may or may not make him overpowered, but I think its fair since he takes more damage from being out.

Keel has to have a rework on Ablative Armour. Just an example but it should be similar to this to make her a better choice over nightingale and flatline, because lets be honest, it sucks as it is. Whenever above 50%, each charge of Scavenge provides Heavy armour and gain 5% damage resistance. It makes sense because when you are thinking about it, they are literally WEARING and healing from the cover they broke.

Ryker is too average, so the best way to fix it is to slightly specialize him. Split up his missile barrage into 3 states of charge. If 100% full and you press the button once, it uses up 33% and fires one missile, allowing to focus fire if he needs it. Holding the skill button fires all three to retain its original function. Reduce the time it takes to fire them, it has too much starting and end lag. Concussive Missiles stun disoriented targets to make him more useful in other ways than damage and increase the amount of heros he pairs well with. Grenade launcher gets moderate damage over time so it doesn’t get completely outclassed, say its shrapnel or something.

Kaishi doesnt seem to work so well as a duelist since his opponent is often ignoring him. Initiate should distract the enemy hero hit by it so it pulls them out of the battle and forces them into a 1v1. Kinda like a taunt but on one enemy. I know its effectively useless on a human player so lets add a new mechanic while we are at it. He drags the camera onto him if the target is being controlled by a player, forcing them to either switch heros or stay and fight.

Halo’s gold skill, Stronger Together, is almost useless. Honestly I see no reason to even add it in. Making it heal more is too boring, so lets fix that. Whenever an allied hero drops below 50%, all heros also gain 5% crit chance as well as the original effects for 10 seconds.

Ifrits Bronze skill Heal Wave is hardly useful compared to other healers, taking moss’s charge time for base nightingale levels of healing. I think an opposite version of Halos Discharge would really sum up what im about to say easily. Weaken how much it initially heals by a bit, but make it more accessible to multiple heros. Has a 80% chance to bounce but it drops by 10% each time it does, and prioritizes lower health heros. Bounces up to 3times.

Becks frag grenade is useless. Nothing more to be said. Have her switch out her pistols for her smgs, which raises damage and crit chance by 5%. Should work similarly to Hardscopes weapon switch except lasts 2 reloads before switching back.

Matador is one of the communities joke characters and a running gag where hes useless in pvp. Change Lead the Charge so that whenever bullrush hits someone over 80% health, they get marked and all allies gain a damage boost. Rending Blades should give him a chance to inflict bleed, which heal blocks and does withering damage. Bull Rush also needs a change, like high crit rate.

I know its just a sound effect but Anvils shotgun noise is completely underwhelming. Id like to replace it with something similar to sentry’s.

Thank you for staying till the end! That was probably a pain to read. I know this would probably make the current meta worse if they were added in, but they are just suggestions that could lead to better ideas. You guys got any?


To put it simply, buff everyone instead of nerfing a select few. cough panzer cough. Its just more fun that way. Its definitely going to be really hard considering how many heros we have, but if they ever decide to, it’ll be worth it.

I like ur idea…I think Ryker one is good…

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Completely agree with this. I started experimenting with his gold in the gauntlet and I tend to stand up to get the damage buff then shoot which leaves him very vulnerable while only getting the damage buff for his one clip. Adding this would potentially leave him vulnerable for longer, but give him a higher payoff too. Great Idea!

I believe you’re talking about two different abilities here. I have not had as much experience with Ablative armor so I can’t say much, but with scavenge, I believe you’re actually making it weaker. Let’s say you take 10,000 damage. Scavenge would reduce the damage by 500, but scavenge now (at lvl 60) would heal 12k health over 12 seconds. The problem here is that I haven’t factored in the leveling for your solution, but the idea is interesting

Something that could potentially compete with Nightingale’s mark! This would make him a lot more viable.

I’m personally fine with Ifrit’s heal seems just right to me, but your idea for a revamp is great. The only thing I would change is the limit. I would personally just remove the limit because you’re losing healing throughout the way and there’s a chance that it wouldn’t even bounce once. Since it could potentially be a full team heal maybe some debuff?

You’re right it’s almost useless, but her plat more than makes up for it. It might make her too strong if her gold was good too :wink:

Overall great post, really enjoyed reading it and great job at giving solutions to the problems.

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You made a lot of good points with a lot of hero’s I’m also pro buffs instead of nerfs, especially since I see so much new teams in PvP

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Just to clarify, didnt confuse Ablative Armour with scavenge, i built it off of scavenge to make it more cohesive. What i meant to say is that AA makes scavenge give bonus armour and resistance whenever the teamate is above 50%.

Edit 1: Ifrits heal wave heals for a set amount, so there is no limit. It bounces from teammate to teammate, healing for most of the effect, but getting weaker each time. Like i said, just a reverse Halo discharge.

Edit 2: i dont see a problem with making halo a bit stronger, since other energy healers are much more reliable, and we need a boost in the energy dps hero compartment. Besides, the effect itself isn’t permanent, and just an add on to the original.

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This is how I thought your solution would work:

  1. Ifrit heals full value of the heal to the ally with the lowest health (Let’s say the heal was 90k health)

  2. If the bounce procs then the next ally is healed for 81k health

What I was getting at is that the beam can only heal a max of 3 ally’s, but comparing it to Moss, he can heal a full team.

Reread my post again and it looked like I was talking about how high the heal would be. I meant how many times it could bounce.

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Kinda wanted to keep him unique so being a stronger healer than moss is unnecessary. The plan was to make him a balance between night and moss. He heals 1-3 other teamates, not the whole team. If he had that then hed make alot of other healers obsolete.

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